Project Fellows (DST - PURSE- PHASE I and PHASE II)

SL.No Project Fellow Names
1 Ms. Senpagam. S, Applied Mathematics
2 Ms. Anusuya. N Biochemistry
3 Ms. Devika. S, Bioinformatics
4 Mr. Syed Abuthakir. M, Bioinformatics
5 Ms. Sree Preethy. K, Biotechnology
6 Mr. Surendran. R, Biotechnology
7 Mr. Saikumar. S, Botany
8 Mr. Kanivalan. I, Botany
9 Mr. Mathivanan. M, Chemistry
10 Ms. Shalini. C, Chemistry
11 Ms. Mousi. P, Computer Applications
12 Ms. Sujiya. S, Computer Science
13 Ms. Jeganson Durai. L, Electronics and Instrumentation
14 Ms. Saipriya. V, Environmental Science
15 Mr. Vanaraj. G, Environmental Science
16 Mr. Mohd Younis, Human Genetics and Molecular Biology
17 Ms. Dhivya. A. B, Information Technology
18 Mr. Mathankumar. S, Mathematics
19 Ms. Umamaheswari, Mathematics
20 Mr. Rahul Suresh, Medical Physics
21 Ms. Lavanya. N, Microbial Biotechnology
22 Mr. Vijayasarathy. M, Microbial Biotechnology
23 Mr. Dinesh. M, Nanoscience and Technology
24 Mrs. Mahalakshmi. S, Nanoscience and Technology
25 Mr. Perumal. P, Physics
26 Ms. Shanmugapriya. S, Physics
27 Ms. Devika. V, Statistics
28 Ms. Savitha. K, Textile and apparel Design
29 Ms. Anila. P. Ashokan, Zoology
30 Ms. Pavithra. K, Zoology

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